• Charles H. Spurgeon

    Spurgeon's extraordinarily gripping sermons were printed every week and sold like a newspaper. There are more than a hundred volumes of his sermons, books of encouragement and commentaries. This book of devotions is a collection of spiritual knowledge mehr

    9,50 *
  • Wilhelm Busch

    Jesus our Destiny – that was the subject which dominated the whole ministry of Pastor Wilhelm Busch. He ministered as youth pastor in Essen, in Germany, but he was always on the road, preaching the gospel in different places. Thousands came to listen to him. He was convinced that the... mehr

    2,50 *
  • This pocket book includes the New Testament as well as the Psalms and the Proverbs in the Russian Synodal Translation. mehr

    1,90 *
  • Werner Gitt

    Prof. Dr. W. Gitt answers questions that he has been asked again and again when talking to people who are searching for God or have been studying the Bible. This is not a book about theological controversies. These are real questions that... mehr

    1,90 *
  • Charles H. Spurgeon

    Spurgeon himself wrote about this book: »Millions of people live far away from God … But some are not far from the Kingdom of God. They are standing in front of the door of faith, the only way to eternal life … Yet they hesitate and give many reasons for doing so. We need much wisdom... mehr

    1,90 *
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