If God really existed … - Russian

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If God really existed … - Russian

If God really existed … - Russian

Wolfgang Bühne

Artikel-Nr.: 255791

pocket-book, 96 pages

ISBN / EAN: 978-3-89397-791-8


This is an evangelistic book with plenty of examples, quotes and up-to-date references to our every day lives. The author shows that the fact that God exists gives sensible, plausible answers to the most central questions in our lives. Then is God really does exist »... then sin means more than traffic offences«, »... then the cross is more than a fashion icon«, »... then grace is not a element that the church has sold out on«. These are some of the chapters in which central elements of the gospel are dealt with in contemporary language. This is an ideal book to give to young people in every walk of life.

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