And the other Religions? – Turkish

And the other Religions? – Turkish

And the other Religions? – Turkish

Werner Gitt

Artikel-Nr.: 256152

pocket-book, 160 pages

ISBN / EAN: 978-3-86699-152-1


At a time when a lot of hope is being put in »dialog between the major world religions« and »tolerance and understanding«, this book offers valuable orientation. It looks at the question: »There are so many religions. Are they all false, is there one which is right or do they all lead to the same goal in the end?« By looking at the subject of »inventions«, Werner Gitt illustrates that in the end all religions are human inventions and so none of them can lead the way to God and to eternal life. The difference between religiousness and living faith, between religion and the gospel becomes very clear.

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