That's a Good Question - Spanish

That's a  Good Question - Spanish

That's a Good Question - Spanish

William MacDonald

Artikel-Nr.: 255579

small pocket-book, 64 pages

Format: 7,5 x 12 cm

ISBN / EAN: 978-3-89397-579-2


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Nothing in life happens by accident. Behind everything there is a plan. That is why this book not came into your hands by chance. This book contains things which could give your life a completely new direction. How come? It is because in this book you learn, how you can get forgiveness of sins and peace with God and that you can know that you have a home in heaven even before your life on earth will end. I try to give answers to some questions you have asked perhaps already for a long time. They are questions every intelligent person should have. So just take a few minutes to read this booklet mindfully. The last answer is the one which decides everything. If you make the step which is described there, you will be grateful for the rest of your life - and even beyond.

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