• Werner Gitt/Karl-Heinz Vanheiden

    In this excellent book the two authors have managed to convey a lot of information helpful in the debate between creation and evolution in a very entertaining way. A sparrow, a blue whale, a platypus, an earthworm, a dragon-fly, a golden... mehr

    1,90 *
  • Wilhelm Busch

    Jesus our Destiny – that was the subject which dominated the whole ministry of Pastor Wilhelm Busch. He ministered as youth pastor in Essen, in Germany, but he was always on the road, preaching the gospel in different places. Thousands came to listen to him. He was convinced that the... mehr

    2,90 *
  • William MacDonald

    Nothing in life happens by accident. Behind everything there is a plan. That is why this book not came into your hands by chance. This book contains things which could give your life a completely new direction. How come? It is because in this... mehr

    0,50 *
  • Werner Gitt

    In this book, the author shows just how remarkable the human body is. He looks at the senses: the eye, ear, sense of smell, sense of taste and sense of touch. Then he looks at the way the inner organs like the heart, blood system, kidneys, cells, DNA and the brain. Werner Gitt uses... mehr

    8,90 *
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