• William MacDonald

    Art.Nr.: 255621

    The aims of this verse-for-verse commentary are to glorify the person of Jesus Christ, explain the context of the scripture, present the thoughts of God and so combine interpretation with encouragement. The exposition is always practical and refreshing to read. Difficult Bible passages are not ignored but explained in detail. Important subjects are dealt... mehr

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  • Wolfgang Bühne

    Art.Nr.: 255706

    Young people, completely disappointed by the empty promises of ideologies and religious Gurus tell how they found Jesus Christ. Dieter was a hopeless junkie who started to think about his life when he was in intensive care; Ali was a Muslim priest who ended up in prison in Germany; Gertrud went through a crisis after an abortion; Michael went to India in... mehr

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  • Eckart zur Nieden

    Art.Nr.: 255427

    Since Grandfather Fellinger refused to sell the mill to the businessmen strange things have been happening. His dog was poisoned. In this exciting story the consequences of sin and also the liberating consequences of forgiveness are described in amost impressive way. mehr

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  • Werner Gitt

    Art.Nr.: 255714

    The theistic evolution theory suggests that God initiated and controlled the evolutionary process. This theory is increasingly popular not only among non-Christians but also among Christians. The author compares the two views, evolution and creation, and looks at the problem from the viewpoint of the scientific question, anthropology, astronomy, biology... mehr

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  • Charles H. Spurgeon

    Art.Nr.: 255672

    »God's glory is our purpose. We are looking for it by trying to edify the saints and save sinners.« This quotation is a summary of the life and teaching of Spurgeon, »the prince among the preachers«. We get to know Spurgeon as revivalist preacher, as founder of a seminary for preachers and an orphanage and as battlesome theologian and writer. mehr

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  • Dave Jackson/Neta Jackson

    Art.Nr.: 255981

    »Heroes wanted!« When one is sensitive enough to hear, this »silent« cry is heard from many children and young people. They are looking for orientation and rules, for values worth living and dying for, for people who are authentic. In this book characteristic features like patience, loyalty, courage, discipline, confidence and gratefulness in the lives of... mehr

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  • Charles H. Spurgeon

    Art.Nr.: 255363

    Spurgeon's extraordinarily gripping sermons were printed every week and sold like a newspaper. There are more than a hundred volumes of his sermons, books of encouragement and commentaries. This book of devotions is a collection of spiritual knowledge mehr

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  • Frank M. Harrison

    Art.Nr.: 255693

    Als der große Puritaner und Vizekanzler der Oxford-Universität, John Owen, einst von König Charles II. gefragt wurde, weshalb er so häufig Bunyans Predigten aufsuche, antwortete er, dass er seine Gelehrsamkeit gerne hingeben würde, wenn er Christus so verkündigen könnte wie der einfache »Kesselflicker aus Bedford«. Die Tiefe und Eindrücklichkeit seiner... mehr

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  • Eileen Crossman

    Art.Nr.: 255629

    J. Fraser was born into a rich English family. He was talented and well-educated but he decided to give up his wealth to bring the gospel to the primitive, poor mountain people Lisu in what is now China. Failure, opposition and hostility made him a man who learned the power of prayer and was blessed to see the gospel suddenly bring forth fruit. This... mehr

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  • Wilfried Plock

    Art.Nr.: 255590

    This book tries to show the reader the way to Christ - it is written for young and old peoble, sick and healthy, religious and non-religious. It provides answers to many important questions, e.g. Does God really exist? How can I cope with fear? Why does God allow sorrow and pain? What is the sense of life? mehr

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