• Wolfgang Bühne

    This book looks at the teaching and practices of men from the »Third Wave« who have had an increasing influence on groups and fellowships who would call themselves non-charismatic evangelicals. The charismatic Movement does not aim to plant... mehr

    7,50 *
  • Werner Gitt

    In this book, the author shows just how remarkable the human body is. He looks at the senses: the eye, ear, sense of smell, sense of taste and sense of touch. Then he looks at the way the inner organs like the heart, blood system, kidneys, cells, DNA and the brain. Werner Gitt uses... mehr

    8,90 *
  • William MacDonald

    Living as a disciple of Jesus is not the most comfortable lifestyle. Discipleship means uncompromising devotion, a fight which costs you everything – and it’s worth it all. The author places biblical teaching uncompromisingly into our modern day context. The rule of Jesus needs to... mehr

    1,90 *
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