• Werner Gitt

    The theistic evolution theory suggests that God initiated and controlled the evolutionary process. This theory is increasingly popular not only among non-Christians but also among Christians. The author compares the two views, evolution and... mehr

    2,50 *
  • Wilhelm Busch

    Jesus our Destiny – that was the subject which dominated the whole ministry of Pastor Wilhelm Busch. He ministered as youth pastor in Essen, in Germany, but he was always on the road, preaching the gospel in different places. Thousands came to listen mehr

    2,50 *
  • Marion Gitt

    The authoress looks at 8 different animals in an amusing and vivid way. There's lots for children and teenagers (8-14 years) to learn about God's wonderful creation. The children are taken on this remarkable journey. The authoress then goes... mehr

    2,50 *
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