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  • Jeder kennt eine Gang. Manche Gangs sind gefährlich, aggressiv, sie klauen, zerstören und schlagen sich. Andere langweilen sich in Discos. Andere bleiben vor der Glotze oder ihrem PC hängen. Unsere Gang ist total abgefahren. Franz, ein krimineller Ex-Junkie, war einer unserer Großen. Er... mehr

    1,90 *
  • Werner Gitt/Karl-Heinz Vanheiden

    In this excellent book the two authors have managed to convey a lot of information helpful in the debate between creation and evolution in a very entertaining way. A sparrow, a blue whale, a platypus, an earthworm, a dragon-fly, a golden... mehr

    1,90 *
  • Marion Gitt

    The authoress looks at 8 different animals in an amusing and vivid way. There's lots for children and teenagers (8-14 years) to learn about God's wonderful creation. The children are taken on this remarkable journey. The authoress then goes... mehr

    2,50 *
  • Ken Ham u.a.

    This book gives answers to the twenty most asked questions about creation, evolution and the book of Genesis. The authors are working in an Australian institute for creation research. In this book they combine successfully scientific and... mehr

    8,50 *
  • Werner Gitt

    Prof. Dr. W. Gitt answers questions that he has been asked again and again when talking to people who are searching for God or have been studying the Bible. This is not a book about theological controversies. These are real questions that... mehr

    1,90 *
  • Werner Gitt

    In this book, the author shows just how remarkable the human body is. He looks at the senses: the eye, ear, sense of smell, sense of taste and sense of touch. Then he looks at the way the inner organs like the heart, blood system, kidneys, cells, DNA and the brain. Werner Gitt uses... mehr

    8,90 *
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