Operation Auca - Nate Saint - Russian

Operation Auca - Nate Saint - Russian

Dave Jackson/Neta Jackson

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They are notorious and feared by all. Their name speaks of fear and horror: the Huaoranis, better known as the Aucas. The eleven year old Niwa is one of them. But then strange things happen – an enormous ›wooden bee‹appears in the sky and throws gifts down on them. The jungle flyer Nate Saint and his missionmary team want to bring the gospel to the Aucas. Niwa wants to make friends with the white stranger and convince his tribe that the mysterious ›wooden bee‹ and its passengers mean no harm. But when another member of the tribe spreads lies about the five missionaries, the whole village demands their death – apart from Niwa. Will he be able to stop the plan in time?

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